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Product Descriptions


Protect your nail from varnishes aggression, make them stronger, stimulate their growth and mitigate stretch marks on its surface.

This liquid softens the surface of the nail , make it regular, prevents yellowing by continued use of color varnishes and prolongs the color time.

With its base of ceramides and Oligo Phytocoral (rich in oligo, magnesium and calcium) stimulates the growth and strengthening of the nail. In its composition it also has silicium, ginkgo biloba and pine-tree oil, responsible for the care of the nail and the end of stretch marks.

It is ideal for yellowing, brittle, thin, ridged and brittle nails.


For a natural or bright effect or as a colored nail polish base - apply 1 layer on your nails.

For a porcelain effect - apply 2 to 3 layers on your nails.



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